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Gujarati Calendar – In Indian Hinduism, the planet Nakshatra is given special attention before doing any good deed. Apart from this, one more Panchak is also found in Hinduism. Panchak Tithi which comes every month on which many things are taken care of. There is not much work done during this quintessential time, or people avoid doing good work in the meantime.

Gujarati Calendar

Gujarati Calendar: Now let me tell you that Panchak is starting from 3G in the month of December. Which is seen until next December 8th. According to astrology, Panchak i.e. these five days in a month are called inauspicious. That is why on this day some special kind of work like seal, wedding occasion or any good occasion is not done.

Gujarati Calendar

Now let us know when this panchak stays?
According to the Sastras, the Moon resides in Aquarius and Pisces, the same time being called Panchak. And it is said that no good deed should be done during this period. While during the Panchak period we should not collect any other fuel like grass, wood etc. Doing so also affects your health.


The calendar is called the Hindu calendar. It is the collective term for the various lunar calendars traditionally used. It is also important for the study of Hindu astrology and the zodiac, much of which was adopted from Greece in the centuries after the arrival of Alexander the Great.


Thakur Prasad’s Calendar:
Rupesh Thakur Prasad Calendar cum Panchang This is a Hindu calendar published by Shri Thakur Prasad Prakashan of Varanasi. It runs according to the date of Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh.

Hindu Panchang Date and Paksha

Hindi Panchang is a Hindu Gujarati calendar in use since ancient times. which is believed to be the oldest. After which many types of calendars were started around the world. Among which are English calendar, Islamic calendar, Gregorian calendar, etc. There are 14 Tithi and two Paksha in Hindu Panchang – Hindu Panchang Paksha – (1) Shukla Paksha (2) Krishna Paksha

1- Shukla Paksha – There is a full moon in Shukla Paksha. Which starts after the new moon, in which the moon keeps getting bigger. There are 14 Tithis in this Paksha too.
2 – Krishna Paksha – Amavasya occurs in Krishna Paksha. The Krishna Paksha starts after the full moon. and lasts till the new moon. There are also 14 Tithis in Krishna Paksha, in this Paksha we see the Moon in decreasing order.

Months of Hindu Calendar

Kartik Month  
Margasish month (Aghan) Agahan Mah
Paush Month  
Magh Month  
Falgun Month  
Chaitra Month (Chaitra) Chaitra Mah
Vaishakh Month (Baisakh) Baishakh Mah
Jyeshth Month (Jeth) Jyeshth Mah
Aashaad Month  
hraavan Month (Sawan) Shraavan Mah
Bhadrapaksha month (Bhadon) Bhadra paksh – Bhadon Mah
Ashvin Month (Kwar) AAshvin – Kwaar Mah

How to View Hindi Panchang

The Hindu calendar is lunar based which means it is both a lunar calendar and a solar calendar. Hindu mathematicians have divided the zodiac into 12 ‘equal parts’ named ‘Rashi’.

Each rashi is divided into 30 parts called amsa (actually it is degree).

This calendar provides information about fast, festival or festival, marriage muhurta, sunrise, sunstam, fast recession thoughts, moon position, bhadra status, quintet, basic thoughts, horoscope in each month, monthly holidays, Jupiter, Muhurta etc.

The entry point of the time of the Sun in any new zodiac is called ‘Sankranti’. The solar month occurs just before a solstice, just before a solstice. Hence, the Hindu months are completely zodiac based and they tend to be longer when the Sun is far from the Earth and they are shorter when the Sun is closer to the Earth.

Names of seasons based on Sanatani Hindu calendar

The way the seasons are divided into three parts (winter, summer and rainy season) on the basis of the English Gujarati calendar. Similarly, according to the Hindi calendar, the season is divided into 6 parts.

  • Vasant Rutu
  • Greeshm Rutu
  • Varsha Rutu
  • Sharad Rutu
  • Hemant Rutu
  • Shishir Rutu

Zodiac Names In Hindi

There are 12 zodiac signs according to the Hindu calendar. On the basis of which the horoscopes are formed. In the table below, we will tell you the names of 12 zodiac signs in Hindi and in English –

  1. Aries
  2. Taurus
  3. Gemini
  4. Cancer
  5. Leo
  6. Virgo
  7. Libra
  8. Scorpio
  9. Sagittarius
  10. Capricorn
  11. Aquarius
  12. Pisces

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